HostAccess for terminal emulation

PC-based terminal emulation for host connectivity to legacy applications

HostAccess® offers a suite of terminal emulation products that provide Windows™ users with secure access to legacy, host-based applications. HostAccess also has the ability to enhance the interface of existing applications with toolbars, mouse support, push buttons, combo boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, ActiveX™ controls, COM objects, and includes the powerful AutoGUI feature.

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The benefits of using HostAccess for terminal emulation include:

  • Increased user productivity by providing the ability to perform multiple tasks
  • Standardization on one terminal emulation solution
  • Point-and-click report production and host data integration with Windows™ applications
  • Multiple concurrent connections within one integrated environment
  • Reduced software administration time and costs

HostAccess terminal emulation includes asynchronous/synchronous connections, server-based administration, concurrent users, and multiple session access, all in a single package.

RogueWave HostAccess Screenshot

Technical functionality includes:

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