TotalView remote display client

The scientific community's demand for extreme computational power is not always met because there can be difficulty connecting to host machines, which are sometimes in another time zone, on another continent, or have limited access. TotalView provides integrated remote display capability to help you fill that void.

SSH encryption gives you secure, rapid access to TotalView and MemoryScape without a local copy license. Connect from a Windows or Linux desktop or laptop to any server or supercomputer architecture that's running TotalView and MemoryScape.

Features supported include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Save, load, and share connection profiles
  • End-user installation

Download these free plugins to use TotalView on a remote server:

  • Remote Display Client, Windows Installer, version 1.4.2 (Win-32)
  • Remote Display Client, version 1.4.0 (Linux x86-64, Linux x86)
  • Remote Display Client, Mac Installer, version 1.4.2 (Darwin x86)
Product image: Invocation of a session through a Remote Desktop

Invocation of a session through a Remote Desktop - click to enlarge

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