What's new with CodeDynamics

CodeDynamics looks at your complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help identify and correct bugs, memory issues, and crashes. Learn what's new in the latest release.

CodeDynamics 2017.0

Create watchpoints through the user interface (UI)

CodeDynamics supports the creation of watchpoints from the user interface. Watchpoints instruct the debugger to “watch” a segment of memory and stop execution of the program when the memory is changed. Watchpoints are created by right clicking on a variable in the VAR panel or in the Data View:

A free-form expression can also be entered through the Create Watchpoint dialog, which is accessed from the Action Points top-level menu:

Create breakpoints throughout your program

Create breakpoints throughout your program using the new Create Breakpoint At Location dialog. The dialog provides a convenient way to enter a valid breakpoint expression. Typical breakpoint expressions include a line number, a file and line number location (myFile.cxx#35), or a function signature (main or MyClass::myFunction). For more information about breakpoint expressions, see the dbreak command in the CodeDynamics Reference Guide.

Processes and threads are grouped based on state

The Process and Threads Group displays the different threads or processes in color-coded groups based on the state they are in, making it easier to find them.

ReplayEngine performance improvements

Performance for the ReplayEngine GoBack operation has been improved. The improvement depends on the nature of the program being debugged. However, it has been measured at 10X improvements when running a process backward until it hits some action point or the beginning of recorded Replay history.

NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU with NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture

The CodeDynamics 2017.0 release enables debugging support on NVIDIA’s new Tesla P100 GPU which utilizes their new Pascal GPU architecture.

For more details please refer to the CodeDynamics release notes.


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