What's new with CodeDynamics

CodeDynamics looks at your complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help identify and correct bugs, memory issues, and crashes. Learn what's new in the latest release.

CodeDynamics 2018

Python debugging support for ctypes

Python debugging now supports filtering of ctypes "glue" frames that tie together function calls between Python and C/C++. This allows developers to see a clean stack trace between the two languages as they would expect, without the unnecessary noise of the layers required to shepherd data and make the calls between the languages.

Managing action points from a new Source view context menu

The Source view now supports the ability to enable, disable, delete, and view properties of action points through a context menu accessed by right-clicking on the action point line number. This supports more streamlined debugging sessions.

Easier tooltip viewing

CodeDynamics has improved how it displays very long strings within tooltips.

Bug fixes and improvements

Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements have been made.

For more details please refer to the CodeDynamics release notes.