SOA Software Service Manager for BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server presents an unusual SOA governance challenge to system administrators. The very openness and utility of the BizTalk enterprise service bus (ESB) makes it a multi-platform solution. A successful BizTalk implementation is going to be consuming and exposing Web services, applications, and data from many different vendor platforms. In addition to WCF Web services there will invariably be services that originate on IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, and other platforms. Similarly, BizTalk will likely be providing message management for Microsoft-based Web services that are invoking non-Microsoft services. How can you manage all of these heterogeneous, interdependent Web services?

The Akana Service Manager agent for BizTalk Server is a native, MSI installed Windows application that enables you to govern, monitor and manage BizTalk applications that consume or invoke Web services from multiple platforms. You can define and control BizTalk enterprise service bus (ESB) applications even when they are part of a complex, machine-to-machine orchestration scheme. Other features include:

  • Governance federation
  • Metadata management
  • Policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring
  • Monitor any port type regardless of protocol


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