Policy Governance - Uniform Policy Management

Policy Governance defines and manages policies, associates them with various assets, and validates and reports on policy compliance. It manages a wide range of different policy types from metadata compliance policies applied in Planning and Development Governance processes through security, reliability, and service-level policies applied through an Operational Governance solution.

It is critical that the Policy Governance solution ensures consistent policy definition, implementation, enforcement, validation, and audit through all stages of the lifecycle, and across all distributed and mainframe platforms.

Policy Management

Policy Manager allows administrators to define a wide range of operational, QoS and compliance policies that they can then make available for use to the community, or can directly associate with APIs, Apps and businesses.

We supports a massive range of policies including:

  • Operational Policies - policies that affect and audit what happens to message on the wire, e.g. security, transformation, and routing.
    • App Id Header
    • Signed App Id Header
    • OAuth
    • HTTPs mutual
    • Comprehensive WS-Security Policy Support
    • Encryption and Signature
    • Auditing
    • Transformation
  • QoS Policies - policies for throttling traffic and for reporting on service level conditions. Once unique capability provided by Akana API Management is the ability to easily apply QoS policies to individual applications, not just the entire API. App developers can negotiate their QoS policies during the App provisioning process.
    • Throughput Quota
    • Bandwidth Quota
    • Concurrent user Quota
    • Response time SLA
    • Throughput SLA
    • Error rate/count SLA
  • Compliance Policies - policies that are applied to static metadata to verify that assets and artifacts are specified and defined correctly. These policies are most often used to support Portfolio Manager and Lifecycle Manager.
    • API Interface Style
    • WS-I Basic Profile
    • Schema Validation
    • Interface Compliance
  • Consumer Contract Provisioning

Akana's Policy Manager™ is a comprehensive SOA Policy Governance Automation solution offering unique governance process and collaboration capabilities to instill consistency and accountability and encourage desired behavior. It integrates seamlessly with any standard-based policy enforcement solution including:

Akana's Lifecycle Manager™ - an industry-leading development governance platform that automates machine- and role-based signoffs across the software development lifecycle.

Akana's Service Manager™ - the industry’s leading SOA management and security product.


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