Platform Governance

The enteprise SOA platform consists of anything and everything that exposes or consumes a service, and the governance infrastructure that supports these things. An SOA platform can include B2B applications, purchased applications like SAP and Oracle apps, homegrown applications such as those written in C# or Java, integration systems like EAI, EII and ESB, business service systems like BI, BAM, and BPA, user interaction service systems like portals and AJAX applications, and last but not least, Mainframe and other legacy platforms. Most enterprises will have several different vendor solutions delivering capabilities in each of these areas.


The key takeway from this diagram is that all of the platform components share a common set of cross-cutting concerns for governance, security, management and mediation, and that the technology that addresses these concerns must leverage existing enterprise infrastructure.

Akana provides a comprehensive integrated SOA governance solution that addresses these cross-cutting concerns in a heterogenous way for most common application platforms.

Akana provides platform governance solutions for industry leading platforms:


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