Impact Analysis

As an organization’s SOA matures, increasing numbers of services along with applications and other SOA compositions dependent upon those services are deployed into mission-critical operational environments. Understanding end-to-end dependencies – application to service, service to schema, service to component, component to mainframe adapter to name a few – becomes crucial to ensuring stability of an organization’s SOA-based deployments.

Asset Relationship Visualization™ – As SOA-based applications and other compositions proliferate throughout the enterprise over the course of a successful SOA initiative, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the impact of a change to any one part of the SOA deployment. Asset Relationship Visualization gives architects and other key SOA stakeholders a dynamically-generated visual view into such dependencies. Through its drag-and-drop Eclipse-based user interface, this Repository Manager option dynamically generates a dependency graph for any SDA based on asset and relationship type filtering rules configurable by the end user.

Strongly Typed Asset-to-Asset Relationships – Semantic understanding of dependencies in turn depends upon a clear understanding of the effect of those dependencies. Repository Manager’s patented dynamic SDA template infrastructure allows IT organizations to precisely define relationship types of interest and to establish validation rules that restrict establishment of such relationships to only assets meeting the semantic requirements specified by those types. For example, an "imports" relationship from a service may be restricted to schemas only, while a "consumes" relationship may allow components, mainframe adapters, and read-only data views to be bound to that same service.

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