API Management for IBM WebSphere DataPower

Akana’s API management solution for IBM DataPower makes internal systems accessible as APIs and SOA services by leveraging DataPower’s security and integration features. Customers can easily create and manage APIs on DataPower that seamlessly integrate with backend systems like WebSphere, mainframes and WebSphere MQ.


The API Management solution for IBM WebSphere DataPower provides centralized policy definition and service monitoring for DataPower appliances, and allows customers to easily use their existing DataPower infrastructure to virtualize enterprise services for high-availability, load-balancing, and offloading of costly XML and security processing.

API Management for IBM WebSphere DataPower allows customers to:

  • Proxy backend REST or SOAP services by transforming, mediating, and integrating with existing large scale backend systems, all without requiring new service development or re-configuring existing backend systems
  • Centrally define policies and apply them to services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances
  • Enforce security standards like OAuth, OpenID and HTTP basic authentication
  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity
  • Gain visibility into service and appliance performance, individual messages, and business transactions from a single administration console
  • Monitor and enforce SLAs for services distributed across a cluster of appliances generating alerts for faults, performance issues, and security violations
  • Leverage DataPower as part of a unified governance automation solution

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