Lifecycle Governance - Build Services Right

Lifecycle Management or Development Governance is an important part of an Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution. It marshals an asset through the development process that typically spans the design, development, testing and staging phases of its software development lifecycle. It typically includes a workflow mechanism to approve migration, policy compliance validation, and a clear separation (logically, physically, or both) between lifecycle stages.

Development governance is the realm traditionally occupied by registry and repository vendors, although it requires much stronger repository capabilities and much broader integrations with development environments (IDEs and SCMs tools), federation with other registries and much stronger service, standards and taxonomy support than most repositories offer.

Development Governance solutions depend heavily on Policy Governance for compliance policy definition, management, and validation. They use policies to determine the relevance, and suitability of services at each lifecycle stage, and to determine if assets meet enterprise standards and guidelines before they can promoted to the next stage of the lifecycle. For example for a service to move from design to development the enterprise may require that there is a design document in the repository, the service has a WSDL, the services is categorized appropriately, and perhaps even that there are registered consumers waiting for the service.

The Development Governance process can often be initiated by the creation of a candidate service from a Planning Governance process. Development Governance will take over the lifecycle of the service ensuring that the candidates are built right.

The later stages of the Development Governance process overlap with Operational Governance feeding services and service consumers into operational environments and responding to feedback about their performance and compliance with security and other policies. Some of the key capabilities of development governance and lifecycle management solutions include:

Akana's Lifecycle Manager™ is an industry-leading development governance platform that automates machine- and role-based signoffs across the software development lifecycle. It enables enterprises to understand what services and other software assets exist, where they’re located and how each fits into a company’s business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets, Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA.

Akana's Policy Manager™ is a comprehensive SOA Policy Governance Automation solution offering unique governance process and collaboration capabilities to instill consistency and accountability and encourage desired behavior.


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