Cloud Integration Gateway

The proliferation of cloud and SaaS applications has led to an unprecedented rise in the number of applications within the enterprise. As digital business initiatives become a priority, the need for integrated data streams that can be made available to mobile devices, Apps and the Internet of Things has become increasingly critical. Legacy integration infrastructure and ESBs are not equipped to support the scale, message protocols, developer adoption patterns or security standards that are demanded by the digital business. Enterprises that conduct business through digital channels need to put in place a cloud integration gateway that provides an integration-tier that is targeted towards the need of an agile digital business.


Integration Redefined

Lightweight, quick and configurable drag-and-drop integration for the new digital enterprise designed specifically to accelerate digital business transformation. Integration projects should not be complex, nor require custom code, proprietary adaptors, or intervention by specific application experts. Akana (formerly SOA Software) Cloud Integration Gateway lets you integrate any App, data source, SaaS or on-premise application and make your aggregated data available for mobile apps, cloud, Internet of Things or publish it as APIs for developer/partner consumption.


Multi-point Integration

Akana Cloud Integration Gateway is the only complete solution that delivers API management, integration capabilities, an SOA environment and analytics to meet your current and future business needs. It balances a simplified design with powerful and a modern integration gateway design pattern, which leads to faster implementation of integration projects that are geared towards digital mediums like mobile, the Cloud and Internet of Things.


Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Transform any application, service, or a combination of them into elegant and simple APIs. Securely share this data with your developer community and business partners and quickly onboard them to help them build upon your data. Drive developer adoption with updated documentation and developer community. Akana Cloud Integration Gateway is designed to help you easily connect with developers, inspire them, and drive your API and data usage.


Deploy in the cloud, or on-premises

  • On-Premise or in the Cloud – You can choose how and where you deploy to best meet the need of your business
  • Virtual Appliance – Deploy as a pre-packaged hardened virtual appliance on any infrastructure of your choice

Orchestration and Process Designer

  • Elegant design: Use the drag-and-drop process designer to configure integration scenarios so they can connect multiple applications and services to meet your specific business needs.
  • No programming: Remove unnecessary operations, aggregate multiple backend APIs or services, perform mediation, or composition - without writing code.
  • REST APIs: Convert existing SOAP or Plain-old-XML (POX) over MQ or JMS services into RESTful APIs with XML and/or JSON content

Cloud and Mobile Security

Security handshakes should be invisible to the user while still protecting corporate data. Akana Cloud Integration Gateway protects enterprise data without compromising the user experience. It supports a wide variety of security standards and protocols like LDAP, SAML, OAuth, and WS-Security, and it provides easy integration with enterprise and cloud Identity and Access Management systems. It enforces security policies and SLAs to ensure that data is exchanged or transferred by only approved applications or individuals.


Analytics and Monitoring

Your integration infrastructure is the backbone of your digital business. You need visibility into all integration scenarios and identify those that are most profitable, have the potential to be profitable or are bottlenecks to your operations. Akana Cloud Integration Gateway provides an interactive dashboard that offers you valuable business insights, granular IT control, and the ability to receive alerts so you can troubleshoot issues. Akana analytics dashboards provide visibility into the performance of APIs and services from different perspectives, including those of a department, partner, application contract, and an API/service or operation.


Extensible Integration

Because your business and its processes are unique, not every integration scenario can be captured by out-of-the-box connectors or templates. Akana Cloud Integration Gateway provides an exclusive server side scripting capability that enables use of common scripting languages such as java script and node.js to define additional integration scenarios. This powerful scripting capability allows for easy and quick changes without the need of re-compiling or re-deploying.


Cloud Integration Governance

The digital enterprise, by definition, has a huge number of SaaS applications and mobile apps, which mandates that enterprises have several interdependent and dynamic integration scenarios. This calls for positive and agile governance that does not slow down implementation. Rather it requires you to identify and respond to extreme scenarios where integration fails due to changes in a downstream service or the tweaking of a security control that opens your corporate data to potential hack and security threats. Akana Cloud Integration Gateway provides agile and positive governance controls to manage both your services dependencies as well as integration of metadata, which ensures that your business is responsive and able to meet the needs of your partners and customers.


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