Akana provides ready-to-use API Management and SOA Governance Automation for IBM WebSphere®. This provides for automation of API and SOA framework. Starting with API conception, the Akana solution ensures the easy and uniform application of patterns and policies all the way to API consumption throughout the entire IBM software stack. With Akana, enterprises can install and configure a comprehensive API Management and SOA Governance solution without having to integrate a broad array of components through custom development or professional services.


Ready-to-use API Management Automation

Akana’s solution creates an end-to-end API framework from Rational, Tivoli and WebSphere products without requiring labor-intensive integrations. Akana’s products maximize use of IBM stack by automating the entire lifecycle of planning, building, running, and sharing services. It is ready-to-use right out of the box:

  • Uniform lifecycle and policy governance across existing platform investments.
  • Lifecycle workflows that automate all phases of the API existence.
  • Automated API contract provisioning and negotiation amongst consumers and business organizations.

API and SOA Unification

Akana delivers a unified end-to-end solution that addresses the needs of all the constituents of an API ecosystem, including architects, developers and engineers. It provides a unified governance solution that fuses all the functions, layers and technologies in an IT environment:

  • Federation of business services and business organizations through a unified API Governance system.
  • Functional and organizational collaboration through all phases of the API lifecycle.
  • Seamless, heterogeneous API and SOA Governance, security and management integration with IBM middleware infrastructure.

Flexible API Management for API

Akana offers flexibility for IBM customers and their API Management deployments. Customers may chose to have IBM WebSphere DataPower as a hardened appliance in the DMZ but deploy a software gateway both in the cloud and internally that can quickly adopt new web standards such as JWT and OpenId to provide more robust orchestration. Akana’s API Management solution enables management of a service or API as it is deployed across each gateway, providing the flexibility to choose where to deploy the service or API configuration, all through a single console.


Leverage IBM WebSphere® DataPower Investment

Akana simplifies the management of Datapower appliances by providing centralized policy definition and service monitoring. Provides easy management of API configurations across several Datapower appliances, federate the management of the APIs on the Datapower appliance out to line of businesses, and reduce the operational bottleneck while still maintaining centralized control:

  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity.
  • Create new APIs without requiring new service development or re-configuring existing backend systems
  • Centrally define policies and apply them to APIs distributed across multiple DataPower appliances

Analytics and Monitoring

Akana’s API Management solution provides in depth monitoring and analytic capabilities. Datapower customers have single view of an API’s operational monitoring logs across all Datapower appliances in a cluster. In addition, it provides a single view of an API consumption data and will gain instant insights into the business and optimize the delivery and value of APIs:

  • Gain visibility into API and appliance performance, individual messages, and business transactions from a single administration console
  • Monitor and enforce service level agreements (SLAs) for services distributed across a cluster of appliances, generating alerts for faults, performance issues and security violations.
  • Productize data, create customized packages and tailored plans, and license them accordingly.

Secure Bridge to IBM Bluemix

The allure of mobile-borne customer interactions and cloud development can lead business into ad-hoc integration and security woes when exposing enterprise data. Akana offers a platform for an API-based hybrid cloud development model that provides secure data access, configurable integrations, and oversight that makes app development sustainable.

  • Publish all relevant data on premise and in the cloud as APIs.
  • Easily browse, search and locate data needed for app development.
  • Secure the data, grant and revoke access to the data with the ability to monitor and perform compliances checks.

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