SOLA 6.0 - Mainframe SOA

SOLA now supports IMS 

  • The SOLA Studio supports multiple IMS input and output segments
  • SOLA communicates with IMS via IMS Connect or OTMA
  • IMS transactions can be part of an orchestration
  • IMS subroutines can be published as services
  • IMS programs can be service consumers
  • IMS Transactions can be written in COBOL, PL/I or Natural

SOLA 6.0 features a totally new Web 2.0 Development Studio with drag and drop capability, tab based workspaces and dynamic directory trees. Workflow efficiency has been greatly enhanced without sacrificing simplicity. In fact, the Design Studio is even easier to use than our previous interface.

New features and benefits of SOLA 6.0

  • More powerful Web 2.0 SOLA Development Studio with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities. Workflow efficiency has been greatly enhanced without sacrificing ease of use.
  • BPEL support provides orchestration of Services, allowing customers to combine Services into composite Services.
  • Enhanced customization (environments, access controls, etc.) allows SOLA to adapt to customer’s environments.
  • Improved performance through enhanced database and parser algorithms increase efficiency and boost ROI.
  • Improved security such as identity mapping, SAML 2.0 authentication, XACML authorization, multiple certificates and TLS provide improved security to a product that already possesses the segment’s strongest and most efficient security.
  • Multiple container and pipeline support boost performance and efficiency by taking advantage of architectural improvements of IBM’s CICS TS.
  • Enhanced management and administrative capability provide added flexibility, security and control.


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