SOLA and IBM’s CICS SOA Offerings

SOLA works well with CICS TS V3.x.  SOLA compliments CICS SOA offerings by adding manageability, monitoring, security and much needed additional features.  Using SOLA, developer productivity is enormously improved.  The paragraphs below and the feature matrix on the following page illustrate the degree to which SOLA improves CICS SOA capability.


  • Have a large number of components that weave a complex web of interactions.
  • Multiple stages in message handling result in performance lag.
  • Requires installation on the user’s machine.
  • Task of exposing mainframe apps falls to distributed programmers.
  • Creating web services involves programming.
  • Creating a single web service can take days or weeks.
  • Requires the use of USS.


  • Consists of a single mainframe application for the run-time and a single J2EE application for the development environment.
  • SOLA has server based tooling and a central repository which make it easy do impact analysis, search for and reuse components and enforce rules and standards.
  • Lack of complexity results in superior performance and stability.
  • Provides over a dozen features and capabilities missing from the integrated SOA features of CICS TS V3.x (see the feature Matrix below).
  • Requires no installation on a user’s machine; can be accessed from any machine with a web browser.  The development environment runs on a single J2EE server.
  • Task of exposing mainframe apps falls to the mainframe programmer (who knows the apps best).
  • Creating web services does not involve programming.
  • Creating a single web service can take minutes or a few hours, depending on the complexity of the service.

SOLA and CICS TSv3.x

SOLA is a perfect compliment to CICS TS V3.x in that it is a native CICS application and takes advantage of all of the new features introduced in previous releases.  For example, SOLA exploits the use of containers and channels and uses it to remove the 32K limit for linkable Commarea programs.  Using HTTP 1.1, SOLA can make use of “keep alive” connections to increase overall efficiency by reusing connections.  SOLA is also capable of taking advantage of the pipeline architecture by expanding on the capabilities of the pipeline.

The following feature matrix lists the features and capabilities that SOLA adds to CICS TS v3.x.