Service Manager for Microsoft BizTalk

Enterprise-level applications must support robust and reliable management features in order to comply with business requirements, Government legislation, service level agreements (SLAs), and customer and trading partner expectations.

The Akana Management Point™ for BizTalk Server 2006 is an extension to Akana's Web Services Management Point, applied specifically to the BizTalk Server 2006 environment, providing run-time governance for any BizTalk application regardless of transport.

The Management Point integrates natively with Akana Service Manager™ and Policy Manager™ products. Unlike the typical Web Services Management Point, this implementation is associated with services provided by the BizTalk environment, expressed as BizTalk server Receive Locations and Send Ports. Due to the arbitrary nature of Receive and Send Ports (configured against a variety of BizTalk Adapters) these services are not necessarily associated with Web Services, but can be treated as such in terms of the SOA Service Manager and SOA Policy Manager.

Figure 1 shows the SOA Service Manager Web application displaying the page for an example application. The left-hand tree view allows users to navigate through the applications and services installed within BizTalk, while the right-hand pane allows users to view application details, operations, access ports, categories, rules, and monitoring information.

Figure 1 - The SOA Service Manager showing the monitoring features available in the Console

You can monitor all the operations within an application (all Send Ports and Receive Locations), or specific operations, and the Policy Manager shows a list of the messages passing through the selected Send Ports and Receive Locations. When you double-click on a message in the list, the Console displays details of the message, and its content (provided that recording is enabled). Alternatively, you can select a specific service and monitor, in real time, the messages passing through that service.

BizTalk Integration

The SOA Service Manager provides Wizards that help you set up the SOA Service Manager for use with BizTalk Server. For example, Figure 2 shows the Wizard that installs and configures the BizTalk Integration Point and links BizTalk Send Ports and Receive Locations to the SOA Service Manager.

Figure 2 - The SOA BizTalk Integration Point installation and configuration Wizard

After installation, the SOA Service Manager can display details of the Send Ports and Receive locations configured by the Wizard. Figure 3 shows the Operations page displaying the name, interface, policy, and number of virtual operations for three Receive Locations and a Send Port.

Figure 3 - A list of BizTalk Send Ports and Receive Locations displayed by the SOA Service Manager

Monitoring Policies and Usage Information

The SOA Service Manager provides a mechanism that allows you to create and edit monitoring policies. For example, Figure 4 shows the screen for applying a policy template and activating monitoring for an application.

Figure 4 - The SOA Service Manager provides a mechanism that allows you to create and edit monitoring policies.

The SOA Service Manager also provides usage information for applications, services, and individual Send Ports and Receive Locations. This information includes charts displaying the relative usage of each operation and usage over time, service usage, and response time information. Figure 5 shows some examples.

Figure 5 - A selection of the charts that the SOA Service Manager can generate to assist in monitoring server and application behavior and performance

In addition, SOA Service Manager includes features that allow you to view details of individual messages, including the size, response time, operation name, and the associated SOAP messages, as well as any exceptions that may occur in the BizTalk runtime environment, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 - The SOA Service Manager showing details of an individual message