Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower provides centralized policy definition and service monitoring for DataPower appliances, and allows customers to easily use their existing DataPower deployments to virtualize enterprise services for high-availability, load-balancing, and offloading of costly XML and security processing.

Akana’s deep integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances provides customers with the ability to control the Datapower Appliance directly from the Policy Manager console, without the need to duplicate configuration manually. This provides customers with a ‘one-click’ management strategy leveraging Datapower as the runtime and the Akana’s Policy Manager as the source of service and policy information as well as the reporting console for the monitoring data.

Akana’s Policy Manager is unique in its ability to manage the catalog of services, drive policy definition and distribution, and collect and display monitoring data for the Datapower devices.end-to-end policy enforcement and transaction monitoring. It allows customers to implement and enforce consistent, uniform policies throughout their infrastructure, and provides visibility into enterprise service usage, performance, and availability from network edge to application.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower can provide operational governance capabilities supporting Akanas’ Portfolio Manager and Repository Manager solutions for planning and development governance. This helps ensure the fidelity of governance models, processes and structures throughout the enterprise service lifeycle.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower allows customers to:

  • Leverage DataPower as part of a unified governance automation solution
  • Centrally define policies and apply them to services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances
  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity
  • Gain visibility into service and appliance performance, individual messages, and business transactions from a single administration console
  • Monitor and enforce SLAs for services distributed across a cluster of appliances generating alerts for faults, performance issues, and security violations
  • Easily publish virtual services into DataPower appliances leveraging the performance and security capabilities of the appliance for enterprise service federation