Policy Manager

Policy Manager™ is a comprehensive SOA Policy Governance Automation solution offering unique governance processand collaboration capabilities to instill consistency and accountability and encourage desired behavior.

Policy Manager can be deployed stand-alone providing powerful SOA Governance Automation capabilities with built-in lifecycle policy enforcement and operational policy management. It integrates seamlessly with Akana’s Lifecycle Manager™ for comprehensive metadata management, and can also be deployed with Akana’s Service Manager™, or any other standards-based SOA Operational Governance Automation solution, to deliver comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation infrastructure.

Policy Manager provides an enterprise-class UDDIv3 registry with a role-based JSR-168 compliant Web-based portal interface to ensure that different users have easy access to the features and capabilities they need and use the most.

Policy Manager provides comprehensive SOA Governance tools for all the different roles in the organization including; service developer, consumer developer, architect, business stakeholder, IT operations, security operations, and more. It uses a role-based security model for authorization of policy-driven SOA Governance process control such as service publishing and provisioning process approvals, and to protect sensitive information.

Policy Manager defines, monitors, and manages Active Contracts™ between consumers and providers. These contracts are created through a negotiation process, supported by ad-hoc collaboration between vested constituents and can be enforced by a standards-based SOA run-time security and management solution like Service Manager. They define the specific policy sets that will be used and enforced, the SLAs and alerts the service commits to, and the access profile and capacity granted to the consumer.

Policy Manager delivers mission-critical SOA Governance capabilities to customers:

Publish and Discovery Process Controls

Policy Manager delivers powerful publish and discoveryapprovals features forservice publishing and provisioning combined with innovative search,browse, and collaboration features to:

  • Ensure that published services are appropriate and comply with enterprise design guidelines
    • Provide a publishing process with built-in tests to verify compliance with policies
  • Reduce development cost and time by providing a service for publishing and discovery of services and all related assets
    • Developers browse or search a central registry for categorized services
    • Retrieve basic service assets from the registry/repository
    • Flexible tagging, categorization, and taxonomy models
  • Facilitate communication between vested parties through contextual collaboration
    • Ad-hoc and unstructured interactions between vested constituents around organization, policy, service, and contract

Service and Metadata Lifecycle Management

Policy Manager offers comprehensive lifecycle management and governance capabilities to help companies:

  • Plan, analyze, design, implement, test, change, and retire design and run-time policies for services
  • Plan, analyze, design, implement, test, change, and retire service consumption contracts
  • Manage the lifecycle of a service from development, test, production, version update(s), and deprecation
    • Identify the impact of a new version of a service and determine an appropriate versioning strategy

Policy Management

Policy Manager is the industry’s leading policy management solution. It allows organizations to:

  • Manage lifecycle policies for services
    • Define and manage service validation and conformance policies for service design and registration
  • Manage run-time policies for services
    • Define and manage security, routing, reliability, mediation, and other Operational Governance policies
    • Define policies for services across all popular types of service containers including, Java and .NET app servers, ESBs, mainframe, and packaged applications
    • NOTE: Without deep integration with an SOA Operational Governance solution, these policies will be informational only, and will not be enforced
  • Audit run-time policy enforcement through compliance auditing and reporting
    • Use metrics and reports from the run-time system to validate that running services comply with defined run-time policies
    • Capture performance and usage metrics according to policies
    • Statistically and algorithmically capture comprehensive message data
    • Track and manage security and other policy exceptions
    • Compare and reconcile collected metrics with policies for audit purposes

Contract Management

Policy Manager uses Active Contracts to:

  • Manage relationships between service consumers and providers
    • Provide a process allowing the negotiation of policies, SLAs,and capabilities between consumer and provider
    • Enforce a contract that tracks this relationship
    • Provide notifications on changes
  • Deliver consumer-led service and policy definition
    • Consumers can request a service (WSDL) with constraints and capabilities (policy) they would like to use, and allow organizations to fulfill this by negotiating and implementing the agreed policies and services
  • Manage the supply and demand equation for services with a contract-based provisioning process for:
    • Capacity planning
    • Version management
    • Service deprecation
    • Mapping relationships between services for impact and exception analysis and reporting

Value Management

Policy Manager provides SOA value management capabilities, it can:

  • Measure and manage the value and effectiveness of SOA in the organization
    • Assign real or arbitrary value to service transactions for billing or tracking purposes
    • Monitor which parts of an organization are publishing services that have broad value to the business
    • Monitor which parts of an organization are reducing costs by consuming services provided by others
    • Monitor which parts of an organization need further encouragement to adopt SOA