Intermediaries - SOA Management and Security Infrastructure

Akana's Service Manager includes the industry's most comprehensive set of SOA intermediaries for enforcing, mediating and implementing policies defined and managed by Service Manager and Policy Manager.

Service Manager includes 3 distinct intermediary types; agents for most common service platforms and containers, a router-based (stand-alone) intermediary, and a client-side delegate. All the intermediaries provide exceptional performance and scalability with centralized deployment and policy management to ensure true enterprise readiness.

Service Manager's intermediaries provide the foundation for SOA management, security, and run-time policy enforcement. They cover the widest possible surface area of applications and offer the broadest and deepest functionality of any SOA intermediaries on the market.


The Agents deploy into the container to ensure last-mile security and policy enforcement for services. Akana offers agents for most common Java application servers, .NET, several ESB products and several business process management tools. The agents are fully functional, platform-native, and non-invasive offering complete last-mile policy enforcement including on-board cryptographic operations without having to change any deployed applications or services.

Network Director

The Network Director is a stand-alone smart service router that deploys into the network supporting a wide range of intermediary patterns for routing, service virtualization, high-availability/load-balancing and others. It is fully stateless, offering exceptional performance and scalability combined with unique capabilities for mediation, routing, and policy enforcement.


The Delegate is a client-side intermediary that deploys seamlessly into consumer applications to abstract the application from the location, transport, and policies required by the services it will consume. Akana offers delegates for Java applications and .NET, and packages the delegate in a wide range of forms with simple, non-invasive deployment options for most common service platforms and containers, including ESBs and business process management tools.