Community Manager - API Developer Portal

Community Manager is an API Portal that enables API producers to engage partners and developers and help them onboard, manage and test their Apps. Community Manager unites API providers and App developers through a single common portal that can be easily branded and customized. Community Manager allows API Providers to publish, document, promote and support their APIs, and App Developers to easily find, consume and get support for the APIs their Apps use.


Engage and Onboard your Developers and Partners

Attract and support developers and partners with a customized, secure online API Portal. Quickly onboard partners and establish active social channels with them. Help developers find the right API, make API provisioning and key management a snap and walk developers through a simple process with easy to understand approvals for getting access to APIs.

  • Enable a community with discussions, tickets, alerts, reviews and ratings.
  • Allow developers to learn how to use APIs with searchable documentation
  • Customize the branding and look and feel of the API Portal
  • Download our white paper Building an API and Developer Community


Package and License APIs to Drive Monetization

Create customized packages and tailored plans for partners and developers to consume your APIs, license them accordingly, and maximize revenue based on usage. Create different service-levels (i.e. Platinum, Silver, Bronze) and guide partners gradually through the levels.


Personalized Dashboard and Notifications

Keep partners engaged and provide them with personalized dashboards for analytics and monitoring of API and App performance. Provide partners with insights into how your APIs are driving their business and allow them to explore areas where they can further optimize and grow.

  • View real-time API performance, usage metrics and API health
  • Monitor medium and long-term trends
  • Powerful alert management, monitoring, and distribution.

Dynamic API Documentation and Testing Tools

Allow API administrators to upload and manage API documentation and tables of contents. Keep track of versions and allow for rollback if needed. Reduce the effort involved in authoring API documents with dynamically generated documents.

  • Support multiple countries with multi-language support
  • Control visibility of documents and document elements based on licenses
  • Test console for developers to test the APIs
  • Learn more about API Documentation Maintenance

Integrated App and API lifecycle management

Users can request access to an API on behalf of their App - accepting relevant legal agreements and selecting from pre-defined policies - initiating a workflow process with optional approval and activation steps involving the administrators of the API and App. The default workflow provides for:

  • Automatic approval and activation of requests to a sandbox API endpoint
  • API administrator approval required for access to production endpoints
  • App administrator activation required for production access
  • API administrators can suspend and reactivate, or even cancel an App’s access to their API
  • Learn more about API Lifecycle Manager

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Datasheet: Community Manager for APIs

Akana Community Manager is a sophisticated developer community product that helps enterprises attract, manage, support, and communicate among the developers who build apps using their APIs. 
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