API Manager

API Manager provides a high performance API proxy server for managing API endpoints. It offers comprehensive standards-based security, routing, mediation, monitoring, and management for APIs.

API Manager is build using Akana's industry-leading Service Manager Network Director, adding API specific capabilities for API security (OAuth etc), mediation (XML/JSON, media type conversions, SOAP/REST and more).

It uses the same normalized message router concept that powers Network Director, offer a true abstraction between APIs and the services that support them.

API Manager leverages the capabilities of Akana's Policy Manager for centralized policy definition and management, security token and authorization management, monitoring data collection and processing, and run-time metadata management.

API Manager offers:

API Security

Security features include:

  • Authentication Policy Options - Choose from a wide array of authentication schemes, standards and token types to ensure that only valid users and applications get access to your APIs
  • Enterprise OAuth - Use your existing enterprise security systems to create an OAuth authorization server so your users can manage access rights for their own data
  • Advanced Cryptography - Ensure the privacy of customer data with sophisticated encryption and signature capabilities

Traffic Monitoring

Monitoring features include:

  • Monitoring - Get visibility into how your API or App is behaving understand how your customers are using it
  • Troubleshooting - Quickly identify and fix problems to keep your customers happy

QoS Managemen>

QoS management features include:

  • Performance and Scale - use our proven enterprise platform to ensure that your API starts and remains blisteringly fast
  • Protect Internal Applications - Avoid overloading your internal applications while providing customers with guaranteed service-levels using our comprehensive QoS management for SLAs and quotas

App Management & Provisioning

Enforce consumer App contracts

  • Authorize Apps - Validate App credentials and verify that the App is authorized to access the API
  • Per App QoS policies - Enforce QoS policies for individual Apps


Deliver the right API regardless of the service type you're starting with

  • Media-type Conversions - Convert between XML and JSON Content
  • Transport mediation - Seamlessly bridge between HTTP, HTTPS and JMS transports
  • Message Exchange Pattern - Create RESTful APIs from SOAP services and vice-versa

Performance, Scalability & Availability

High-performance, limitless scale, highly available

  • Performance - API Manager is production-proven in the world's most demanding environments, offering low-latency and high throughput
  • Availability - API Manager supports fully stateless clustered deployments with rolling update capabilities to allow for 5 nines plus environments
  • Scalability - API Manager's clustered deployment model allows you to easily add more capacity to a cluster without requiring any downtime