Calculate your cost savings with CentOS

Enterprises switching from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to CentOS typically save 50 percent or more in overall licensing and support costs.

Estimate your cost savings by filling out the calculator below*.

Step 1: Estimate your current RHEL cost

License cost per server:
Support cost per server:

RHEL total cost:

Step 2: See your estimated savings with CentOS + Rogue Wave

Here’s why CentOS is a more cost-effective option:

  • $0 licensing costs for CentOS
  • Rogue Wave enhanced support for CentOS is equivalent to Red Hat support and more cost-effective
  • Pay only for what you need in dynamically scaling environments – no worst-case costs

You could save 50% or more with CentOS + Rogue Wave Open Source Support

Calculated estimated savings:

*Calculator pricing based on Red Hat’s store, as of Q4 2017