June 30, 2015
9:00 AM (Pacific) / 12:00 PM (Eastern)
Join this unique event to learn how to sort through the confusing mess of software tools and data to gain valuable insights about security and quality to educate developers and drive decisions.


Are you drowning in a sea of software tools data? Buried under test pass/fail reports, dynamic run time testing defects, static analysis defects, legacy JIRA backlog items, and customer reported bugs? How do you make sense of all this data? How do you drive decisions? And, if you can make sense of it, how do you get this information to your developers?

Enter DevOps Applied: A strategy to make sense of the proliferation of software data into a refined software development life cycle. Take the information you have, give it to the people who can make decisions about it, and drive better software quality and security.

Join Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps at Overture Networks and Jeff Hildreth, Territory Account Executive from Rogue Wave Software as they discuss the sources of software data and how they can be applied to the DevOps strategy of continuous improvement.

Host: ASPE Training

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