This four-part webinar series brings industry research, notable experts, and 10 years of real-world experience to show you how to tackle top problems in mission-critical OSS.

“99% of organizations will use OSS in mission-critical apps this year.”
Widespread Use of Open-Source Software Demands Strong and Effective Governance.

Gartner, Aug. 13, 2014

You'll learn:

  • The most common real-world issues found in top enterprise packages
  • Why you need to pay attention to your OSS and the risks that come with it
  • The tools you need to make the required improvements

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June 15: How enterprises learned to stop worrying and love open source

There’s an obvious competitive edge to using OSS and it's at the core of your enterprise, but do you know the key lessons learned from the history of open source risks?


  • The history of the OSS revolution
  • The impacts of package and language growth
  • Lessons learned for security, technical, and licensing risks

OpenLogic founder and CTO Rod Cope discusses his 10+ years of experience in the OSS community.

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June 29: When is free not free: The true costs of open source

When something goes wrong in your software, you fix it. When something is wrong in an OSS package you’re beholden to community fixes and web search - neither cares about your needs or your timeline.

In this webinar, our director of product management and OSS expert, Richard Sherrard, examines:

  • How to know exactly what packages are used in your company
  • Specific technical, security, and licensing hurdles that many organizations face
  • What “free” actually means when it comes to OSS

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July 13: Open source applied: Real-world uses

For enterprises, it's rarely a single function causing your OSS problem, it's a combination of architecture, packages, or networks. Spend an hour examining real-world use cases with Justin Reock, our director of OSS support, learning:

  • Typical architectures (OSS, commercial, and more)
  • Top issues we see in the field
  • Top packages and why they're chosen

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July 27: Top issues in the top enterprise packages

Dive deep into specific OSS packages to examine the top issues in the enterprise with two of our most qualified OSS architects, Bill Crowell and Vince Cox Walk through:

  • Their day-to-day work in OSS packages
  • Ways to fix reported issues
  • Why you can’t expect in-house developers to handle issues in OSS packages

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