March 28, 2017
2:00 PM (Local Time / Eastern)

Embedded and IoT systems today don’t typically stop with the device or sensor. Today’s embedded systems are connected to gateways and industry applications to meet a specific need for that industry. Embedded and IoT systems need to interoperate and sometimes integrate with these higher end systems. The choice of programming languages, algorithms, and programming techniques are critical to the successful development, implementation, and end-to-end testing in this environment. Join us as experts discuss available programming languages and techniques for successful and efficient development of embedded and IoT systems. 


Walter Capitani, Klocwork product manager at Rogue Wave Software, tackles the problem of selecting the best programming language and tools to ensure IoT software is secure, robust, and safe. By taking a look at industry best practices and decades of knowledge from other industries (such as automotive and aerospace), you will learn the criteria necessary to choose the right language, how to overcome gaps in developers’ skills, and techniques to ensure your team delivers bulletproof IoT applications.

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