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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the dominant distribution used by commercial organizations today, but CentOS is fast becoming the chosen alternative providing equivalent functionality, licensing, and support at a fraction of the cost.

Join our enterprise open source architects for a 2-part series on how to plan and execute a successful migration from RHEL to CentOS, the open and unrestricted alternative for enterprise-class Linux deployments. Tailored for enterprise architects, IT leaders, and anyone considering another Linux distribution, you`ll learn how to:

  • Plan the best migration path
  • Identify and mitigate migration risks before they happen
  • Determine the cost and risk savings by switching to CentOS

This series also includes actual examples of migration success stories from enterprise environments and live demonstrations of specific steps to better prepare your team to execute their migration.

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Episode 1: Plan a successful enterprise Linux migration - On-Demand

Migrating mission-critical enterprise systems requires careful planning, preparation, and execution—plus a healthy dose of experience. It's one thing to migrate the operating system, it's another to port the application stack, with all its commercial and open source packages, configurations, and connections to the outside environment.

This episode guides your Linux migration strategy using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Along with answering your questions, you`ll learn how to:

  • Identify and plan the different aspects of migration (such as install, configuration, staging, and testing)
  • Trade off migration risks vs. migration time
  • Reduce or eliminate any migration risks (technology, skills, processes)

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to calculate the costs of migration and create a customizable migration roadmap for your organization.

Episode 2: Walk through an enterprise Linux migration - On-Demand

Dive deep into an actual enterprise Linux migration by walking through the planning and execution of the process as seen by our customers. Our enterprise architects will break down the key migration steps to explain the available options, decisions made, and demonstrate actions on a live system.

This episode gives you a representative migration experience before you actually migrate, illustrating:

  • Side-by-side comparisons between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS
  • Steps to consider for the operating system
  • Steps to consider for common application stacks and packages

At the end of this webinar, you will have gained valuable migration training experience by seeing the experts perform it live.

P.S. – Ahead of the series

Here's a great resource to jumpstart your move to CentOS. Watch the on-demand webinar, Justify your migration from Red Hat to CentOS

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