If you’re trying to build connected automotive software that’s both bulletproof and secure, you’ve got a big task ahead of you; knowing where to focus your time and energy can be half the challenge. Nearly 90% of all detected security holes can be traced back to just ten types of vulnerabilities. Join us to review these vulnerabilities and see how they are discovered in real software, what those problems might look like in your code, and what simple changes you can make to your coding style or processes to avoid them.

About the presenters:

Andy Gryc, co-founder, CX3 Marketing

Andy Gryc is a well-known and well-connected automotive technology evangelist. His reputation in the industry is rooted in hands-on experience in the automotive and embedded trenches – software architecture and engineering, technical sales, and product marketing – for well over two decades at companies like QNX, OnStar, and HP. Andy is the co-founder of a technology-focused marketing business, CX3 Marketing, and is the Conference Director for the LA Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo.

Jeff Hildreth, account executive, Rogue Wave Software

Jeff Hildreth is an account executive for Rogue Wave Software. Jeff joined in 2011 and has experience in various aspects of the software industry, including automotive, game development, and ISO 26262 and MISRA compliance. Jeff has spearheaded several partnerships, including Rogue Wave’s participation in the QNX functional safety ecosystem and membership in the GENIVI Alliance. Jeff is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.