On-Demand Webinar

Professional open source management addresses many aspects of the software development lifecycle, from technical to operational to legal concerns. Key to success with open source is choosing the right means and methods for obtaining support for the open source in your software portfolio, and understanding how to maintain integrated and embedded open source code over time.


This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding options for support, spanning community sources, platform vendors, project sponsors, support aggregators, and self support
  • Comparing financial and technical challenges and rewards of each support approach
  • Engaging with open source communities to reduce maintenance costs and share the support and maintenance burden
  • Best practices for working with community project maintainers
  • Ways you can contribute back to open source communities and the benefits of doing so
  • How Rogue Wave Software and The Linux Foundation help development organizations meet the OSS support challenge with support services, training, etc.



Justin Reock
Senior director, support and professional services at Rogue Wave Software

Justin has over 18 years of experience working in various software roles, including development, databases, integration work, quality, training, and technical leadership. His primary focus is on high-performance enterprise open source middleware and messaging.

Bill Weinberg
Senior director and analyst, open source strategy at The Linux Foundation

Bill has over three decades of experience in embedded/mobile and enterprise and is a founding team member of embedded OSS pioneer MontaVista Software, a former analyst at OSDL (today, the Linux Foundation) and president/founder of Linux Pundit. Bill has conducted myriad consulting engagements in open source business and technology strategy, open source management and marketing, legacy migration and related areas. He has authored some 200 articles and white papers on open source, mobile/embedded and related topics; and has hosted dozens of panels and webinars on OSS, security, and automotive.

Greg Olson
Senior director open source consulting at The Linux Foundation

Greg has over 30 years of software industry experience in engineering, marketing, and business development. He was the founder and chief executive of Sendmail, one of the first open source companies. He has led hundreds of engagements in open source business for startups through large global corporations at Olliance Group and Black Duck Software. He has Operational management experience in the following roles: CEO, VP marketing, VP strategic planning, VP business development, VP engineering, CTO.