September 22, 2016
2:15 PM (Local Time / Central)
Sheraton Dallas Hotel | Dallas, Texas | In-Person

Join Scott Mills, Senior automation test developer, Rogue Wave Software at this year's Software Test Professional's Conference as he presents "Test parallelization using Jenkins.

With the extensive amount of testing performed nightly on large software projects, test and verification teams often experience lengthy wait times for the availability of test results of the latest build. As we strive to identify and resolve issues as fast as possible, alternative methods of test execution have to be found.

Session takeaways:

  • Learn how to use Jenkins to launch tests in parallel across a number of Virtual Machines, monitor execution health, and process results.
  • Learn about various Jenkins plugins and how they contributed to the solution.
  • Learn how to trigger downstream jobs, even if they are on separate Jenkins instances.

Learn more about the conference at the STPCon website.

Read Scott's recent blog post on using parallelization to reduce test times.