February 29 - March 4, 2016
10:00 AM (Local Time / Pacific)
Moscone Center | San Francisco, USA | North Expo #N4515 | In-Person

Visit us to see how static analysis, open source support, and open source auditing fit into your security planning, testing, and mitigation efforts.

We’re the experts in code security, offering continuous static code analysis to shift security testing earlier, open source support with Tier 4 architects ready to proactively harden open source deployments against any attack, and open source auditing to identify any vulnerabilities you may already have. 

We can help you make a plan to embrace security impacts on software today and help defend against hundreds — if not thousands — of vulnerabilities, including buffer overflows, uninitialized data, use of dangling pointers, injection flaws, and the use of insecure APIs and libraries.

For example, we’ve already examined the top 10 automotive cybersecurity vulnerabilities and know how attendees can stay ahead of these – and other – vulnerabilities.

In-booth activities: