September 15 - 17, 2016
8:00 AM (Local Time / Pacific)
Cornish Playhouse l Seattle, Washington | In-Person

PHP is a hot topic. With the release of Zend Server 9, and Zend Framework 3, Rogue Wave is revolutionizing web development and deployment speeds by creating the first application server that supports PHP 7. In other words, we’re experts on PHP.

The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference is a three day event where over 200 PHP developers gather to learn and network while listening to some of the most talented speakers from the PHP community.

Join Adam Culp and Matthew Weier O’Phinney as they share their extensive knowledge and expertise of PHP.


  • Presenter: Adam Culp
  • Title: Zend Expressive Microframework and Middleware

Abstract: Adam Culp, a web engineer and consultant for Zend Technologies, will speak on Zend Framework 3, and Expressive. Zend Framework 3 allows users the freedom to use the components within Zend Framework applications or within any other framework, which reduces dependencies and allows for greater reuse within the PHP ecosystem. This new framework comes with Expressive, a middleware runtime that increases simplicity and interoperability.

During this session, you will learn about Expressive and how its microframework and middleware make it easier for developers to implement communication and input/output.

Come listen to Adam Culp share his expertise and learn about how expressive enhances your value and productivity.

  • Presenter: Adam Culp
  • Title: The Accidental Professional

Abstract: What does it mean to become a professional?

In this session, Adam Culp will explore this question and explain how to become more professional by applying life lessons. Adam will give insight into the daily activities that ultimately lead to becoming a professional.

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity.


Abstract: Composer allows you to manage per-project dependencies, and to select components that best solve your application problems, regardless of what framework you use. This past year, Zend Framework has decoupled its components to fit this paradigm, letting you use Zend components anywhere. In this session, we'll cherry-pick several of them, demonstrating usage in diverse, real-world applications.


Learn more about the conference at the event website.