Le Meridien Parkhotel | Frankfurt, Germany | Birmingham Room | In-Person
Rogue Wave Software is joining forces with TZ Consulting and Bearing Point for a live afternoon workshop “Build your code confidence: Compliance for software.” You’ll walk away with specific information on remediation tactics that you can use to prevent and combat vulnerabilities in your software.

The abstract:

Software errors can cause data leakage and lead to bad customer reputation. Missing intellectual property can result in a total loss of a software investment. Unplanned support costs burn budgets but there is a solution: Successful risk management of software projects and production for compliance managers, CTOs, technical leads, and developers.

High-quality software, complying to licenses, delivering software without security risks, and having top-class 24x7 support is essential for survival these days.

The agenda:

  • 14.00 Uhr: Registrierung
  • 14.00 Uhr -14.45 Uhr: Begrüßung
  • 14:45 Uhr-15:15 Uhr : Kennen Sie alle Sicherheitslücken in Ihrer Software?
  • 15.15 Uhr  -15:30 Uhr : Pause
  • 15.30 Uhr -16:00 Uhr : Open Source Software: Verringern Sie Kosten – vermeiden Sie Risiken
  • 16:00 Uhr-16.30 Uhr: Technische Due Diligence – lassen Sie Ihren Investment Deal nicht platzen
  • 16.:30 Uhr -17.15 Uhr : Live Präsentation
  • 17.15 Uhr: Zusammenfassung, Fragen und Antworten
  • 17.45 Uhr : Ausklang, Snacks & Networking

In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Pragmatically implement and enforce high-quality standards with automation and software tools
  • Protect yourself against hackers and lower your support costs
  • Comply with FDA and MISRA standards
  • Identify 3rd-party software risks through scanning tools
  • Identify both known and unknown open source components you are using
  • Identify security threats in your open source software components
  • Comply with licensing rules
  • Safeguard your opensource risk with professional 24x7 products support (including CentOS, Apache, and JBoss) to comply with service level agreements
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Claus-Peter Wiedemann, BearingPoint Gmbh, Deutschland

Claus-Peter Wiedemann is leading the Open Source Practice at BearingPoint. He and his team have helped numerous customers understand their maturity with respect to compliance, governance and security when using third party (Open Source) software and implemented solutions that eliminate risk in the respective areas and automate reactive and proactive mechanisms in all phases of the development life cycle. He is a renown industry expert within this space, particularly in highly supply chain ruled industries (like Automotive)

Dean Bienenfeld, Rogue Wave Software

Dean Bienenfeld is responsible for the DACH region business of Rogue Wave as well as for the East European and the business in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Quatar etc. He brings over 15 years of experience in sales of complex software solutions as software development, business intelligence, and software based simulation solutions with most demanding projects and customers in automotive, retail, travel and transportation, machine engineering, healthcare and other industries. He holds a master’s degree in languages from Frankfurt Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität.

Dean Stewart, Rogue Wave Software

Dean Stewart is a sales engineer for Rogue Wave Software providing pre-sales technical expertise across the entire portfolio of Rogue Wave products. Dean has worked for Rogue Wave for 12 years and prior to this was a software engineer and consultant. Dean holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire and a Diplom Informatiker from the TFH in Berlin.

Thorsten Zenker, Theiler & Zenker Consulting


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