May 8 - 11, 2017
9:00 AM (Local Time / Pacific)
San Jose McEnery Convention Center | Silicon Valley, California   | In-Person

GPU Technology Conference is the largest and most imperative event of the year for GPU developers. GTC offers an event series of valuable training, talks, labs, and research posters. A showcase of the most vital work in the computing industry will be presented including: artificial intelligence and deep learning, healthcare, virtual reality, accelerated analytics, and self-driving cars. Connect with experts from leading organizations and learn about GPU technologies that are creating remarkable breakthroughs in several significant fields.

Speaking sessions:

  • Presenter: Martin Bakal, principle product manager
  • When: TBD
  • Title: Rolling in the deep: How to debug machine learning call stacks
Abstract: Python is a popular language for deep learning but debugging calls to existing C/C++ code in shared libraries can be extremely challenging. Untangling the confusing maze of library calls, data translations and linked in CUDA code can be convoluted and time consuming, as neither Python nor C/C++ debuggers provide a comprehensive view across the languages. In this talk, we’ll look at how Python-C/C++ transformations combined with a multi-threaded, multi-process debugger helps you understand what’s going on within your deep learning code.
  • Presenter: Martin Bakal, principle product manager
  • When: TBD
  • Title: Computer Preemption and TotalView have made debugging Pascal much more seamless

Abstract: With Pascal, NVIDIA released compute preemption built right into the card. Debugging now is much smoother because when we stop a thread on the GPU we no longer stop the whole GPU, enabling interactive debugging on single-GPU systems and debugging multiple processes using the same GPU. Having said that, TotalView, the leading multi-threaded Linux debugger, has invested into improving its architecture in order to support multi-GPU systems at scale resulting in a much more seamless debugging experience. Come listen to this discussion to get a better understanding of the latest technology and how and where we are looking to go next.
For more information, visit the event website.

  • Presenter: Multiple
  • Title: CUDA developer tools roundtable
  • When: Tuesday, May 9 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Description: An interactive gathering of CUDA tools providers will share their latest feature developments. Each panelist will share with the audience what they believe are the major application development challenges and solutions they might be working on to tackle these. Each panelist will demonstrate their latest feature set or illustrate their focus on the type of development problems they feel are being tackled. Come to discuss:

  • What type challenges might be specific to one platform versus another
  • Common development patterns as there might be convergence of hardware system topologies
  • How developers can be successful up against limitations
  • The convergence of HPC and embedded systems


  • Rafael Campana, Senior engineering manager, developer tools, NVIDIA
  • David Lecomber, senior director, HPC tools, ARM
  • Sheridan Ethier, director engineering, middleware and verticals, QNX
  • Ken Jackson, SVP, Real-Time and Linux, Concurrent
  • Allen Malony, professor, University of Oregon
  • Annemarie Southwell, Management systems software, NVIDIA
  • Martin Bakal, product manager, Rogue Wave Software
  • Sebastien Domine, VP software engineering, developer tools , NVIDIA