November 22 - 23, 2016
8:00 AM (Local Time / Amsterdam / Berlin / Bern / Rome / Stockholm / Vienna)
Kistamässan | Stockholm, Sweden | In-Person

Continuous integration (CI) is one of the hottest topics in DevOps right now. CI is a software development practice which allows teams to integrate their new code frequently, if not multiple times per day.

This automated build and test process exposes defects at a faster rate, allowing you to find and fix bugs faster.

Join Steve Howard as he explains the importance of this, why your CFO cares, and teaches you how to maximize your success with CI at this leading embedded and Internet of Things event.


  • Presenter: Steve Howard
  • Title: Verification at scale: Fitting static code analysis into continuous integration

Abstract: Static code analysis (SCA) is a decades-proven software verification method that’s become essential for many development teams. With the growing adoption of DevOps processes and CI tools, it’s even more important that those familiar with and new to SCA understand how it fits into modern processes to maximize its benefits.

This talk describes three different ways of approaching static code analysis and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each, including test coverage, performance, and standards compliance. Starting with older server-based and desktop-based analysis, followed by the latest continuous static analysis for CI, you will walk away with an understanding of the different types of SCA and how to choose the best option that fits your team’s processes, environment, and release schedules.

Speaker bio: Steve Howard has over 15 years’ experience in safety-critical and mission-critical software development, working with verification and validation tools. He has background in all of the major software safety standards for aviation, medical, nuclear, industrial, automotive, and rail sectors.


Get a first-hand look at tools that help integrate SCA into CI. Steve Howard and Phyto Michael, channel enablement director, will join Rogue Wave partner EMENDA in booth #43 to demonstrate and discuss complementary solutions:

  • Klocwork - an SCA tool available to help find and fix critical security and reliability issues at the earliest point in the software development lifecycle.
  • OpenLogic Support - access to enterprise architects with broad and deep technical expertise across many of the most common open source packages.

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