February 21 - 23, 2018
9:00 AM (Local Time / Eastern)
Atlanta, GA | In-Person

The goal of the Devnexus Conference is to connect develops from all over the world, provide affordable education, and promote open source values.

Speaking sessions:

  • Presenter: Simon Maple
  • Title: Performance Pipeline and Java Performance Tools

Abstract: This session describes the performance pipeline, a concept of mapping performance-related work and activities toward the stages of a software delivery pipeline. It demos a range of performance tools you can use throughout the application lifecycle.

  • Presenter: Simon Maple
  • Title: The Good Cop/Bad Cop Guide to Java 9

Abstract: In this session, the speakers take turns playing good cop/bad cop on each Java 9 feature. The audience decides which features are important to you, after explaining the pros and cons of each feature.

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