Tools for automotive software development

Rogue Wave drives automotive software development for leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers by providing world-class
development and test tools to ensure the security and reliability of their proprietary, open source, and supply chain code.
With Klocwork continuous static code analysis and reporting, OpenLogic open source support and auditing, and the Zend Server
PHP distribution, the entire automotive software lifecycle is covered, from embedded systems to dealer centers and customer portals.

4 of the top 5 suppliers to the automotive industry
rely on Rogue Wave for software security and reliability.

Toyota Continental Bosch DENSO

Enforce MISRA-C and MISRA-C++ coding standards

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) coding standards provide guidance to the automotive industry (as well as many others) to help facilitate safe and reliable coding practices for safety-critical embedded software. With built-in, automated detection and reporting for MISRA-C and MISRA-C++, MISRA coding standard violations automatically at the developer desktop and through Continuous Integration (CI) tools. Users, QA teams, and safety experts alike can implement defect detection and coding standard enforcement within just one static analysis tool.

Klocwork is also ISO 26262 certified, meaning you spend less effort achieving functional safety compliance and more time building the features your customers want.

"Ensuring the software that drives our diagnostics and onboard systems for the automotive industry is MISRA compliant is an important milestone in our development process. The unique combination of critical defect detection and MISRA support offered by Klocwork is one of the key reasons we choose their static analysis solution."
Christian Desmoulins,

Know what’s in code – and be confident you can fix it

Whether from internal developers, external suppliers, or the open source community, it’s important to support and understand all aspects of your code. With OpenLogic open source support, automotive developers get around-the-clock access to elite open source architects ready to support, consult, and train on the top packages used by embedded teams. With OpenLogic audit services, automotive development and legal teams get open source bill of materials (BOM) and license obligation analysis based on detailed scans of internal code bases and applications.

Build sales, service, and customer portals faster

Business-critical web applications use PHP as an ideal solution to rapidly deploy new and added functionality for their users. With the majority of the web built on PHP, tools like Zend Studio and Zend Server are the development tools of choice when it comes to rapidly developing, testing, and deploying web applications around the world. It’s also the ideal choice for modernizing older systems, as PHP has low barrier to entry for developers and the development tools make it easy to integrate legacy infrastructure into newer front-end interfaces that can be deployed onto any device that supports a web browser.

Shaping the future of automotive software security

With millions of lines of code embedded in vehicle electronics, automobiles are becoming ever more susceptible to system crashes, viruses, and hacks. Ensuring that automotive software is free of security vulnerabilities and defects is critical, which is why Rogue Wave has sought strategic alliances in the industry to help ensure the safety of today's vehicles.

As members of the GENIVI Alliance, Rogue Wave lends its expertise to ensure software security and reliability to a rapidly growing and highly software-dependent sector of the automotive industry.