Mobile and Communications

Addressing the need for responsive, performant software, Rogue Wave solutions for telecommunications speeds time to market
by removing development impediments and shifts quality and security left.

Development tools and security and open source management solutions for communication providers.

Qualcomm Avaya CISCO Verizon
Broadcom Harris L3 ATT CenturyLink

Build right.

Klocwork is built for embedded development, from mobile devices to internet of things (IoT) components, encompassing a wide spectrum, from kernel and platform engineering to development. Klocwork static code analysis has hundreds of different error checkers, including checkers that have context against every function call in the platform – delivering analysis that Java, C/C++ and embedded programmers trust.

Build faster.

OpenLogic open source scanning, governance, and provisioning gives your teams the ability to use open source freely, but within your organization’s guidelines. For critical production and customer-facing applications, we offer enterprise-class support across hundreds of open source packages, removing risk while giving your teams more choice.

Rogue Wave libraries and components shave days from development cycles, allowing quick implementation for critical functionality. SourcePro C++ code building blocks, Visualization GUI elements for rapid map, chart, diagram and hierarchy development and IMSL for deep insights into large data lakes and Hadoop frameworks.

Use your data.

Extract meaning from your very large data stores with advanced algorithms for your data architects and data scientists. IMSL Numerical Libraries has thousands of formulas to apply to your hardest problems. Decision trees? We have more than 10 to choose from. Clustering algorithms? Do you want sparse or non-linear? Machine learning? We have algorithms covering association learning, parameter estimation, similarity matching, neural networks, Bayesian networks and genetic algorithms. Once you’ve extracted meaning from your data, use Visualization for C/C++, Java or Flex to visualize results.

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"In a global market, organizations compete to have faster, better, smarter and cheaper devices. Klocwork is helping us meet those demands effectively while enabling us to continue innovation and decrease our time to market."