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Rogue Wave and SGI have a long standing relationship dating back to 1995, when SGI began distributing Rogue Wave’s standard C++ library with their compiler. The relationship has remained strong over the years, and is now multifaceted due to Rogue Wave’s acquisitions that address needs squarely in SGI’s market.

Rogue Wave’s products support the full range of the SGI product line. We have joint customers using Rogue Wave’s TotalView, IMSL, SourcePro and other HPC products on scale-up SGI® Altix® UV servers and scale-out clusters, SGI Altix ICE® and Rackable™ servers.

SGI is an authorized reseller of Rogue Wave’s advanced toolset, which includes the TotalView debugger and ThreadSpotter optimization tool. TotalView gives developers the visibility and control to quickly and confidently develop robust hybrid or accelerated applications while ThreadSpotter helps developers ensure that applications running on the cluster are efficiently harnessing the multi-core power of SGI Servers. In addition to making these products available to their customers, SGI also includes TotalView within the SGI® Development Suite, an advanced software development environment for developing, debugging, and performance analysis of high performance technical computing applications for the Linux® operating system.

Rogue Wave is also privileged to be an SGI Preferred Solution Partner. Read more about our product support and partnership with SGI.

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