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Rogue Wave and IBM® have worked together in many different ways over the last 20+ years. IBM is a supplier, a customer and a partner of Rogue Wave. As a supplier, they provide us with hardware, operating systems, development tools and software to ensure the quality and cross-platform compatibility our customers have come to rely upon. As a customer, IBM utilizes SourcePro and Stingray in multiple applications across many different business units. As a partner, IBM works very closely with our development team in many technical areas, including DB2, AIX, OS/390 and Blue Gene® to both companies over the years, but the result has been an even stronger relationship.

IBM has a strong supercomputing offering, and Rogue Wave has supported their environments in many capacities. IMSL Fortran has been certified for use on Blue Gene®/P, and TotalView has supported Blue Gene®/L, Blue Gene/P and will support Blue Gene®/Q when generally available. All Rogue Wave products support IBM’s x86 based hardware.VIDIA processors to bear, with TotalView fully supporting the use of CUDA in these systems.

Rogue Wave’s customers can take comfort in the knowledge that our products have demonstrated years of consistent reliability, have been thoroughly tested on Cray equipment, and are fully supported on a worldwide basis.