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The relationship between Cray and Rogue Wave dates back to 1993, when Cray entered into an agreement to distribute the Tools.h++, Math.h++, Matrix.h++ and Linpack.h++ libraries on their systems. Many changes have occurred to both companies over the years, but the result has been an even stronger relationship.

Many Cray customers utilize TotalView to debug software on their systems, as well as the IMSL Numerical Libraries to implement advanced mathematics and statistics capabilities. TotalView and ReplayEngine are certified on the latest Gemini ™ interconnect. Cray also uses NVIDIA processors, which TotalView supports.

Rogue Wave’s customers can take comfort in the knowledge that our products have demonstrated years of consistent reliability, have been thoroughly tested on Cray equipment, and are fully supported on a worldwide basis.

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Rogue Wave is privileged to be a Cray Solution Partner.