Rogue Wave IMSL Numerical Libraries to Enhance the Embedded Analytics in SAP HANA

Boulder, CO2/14/2014

Rogue Wave Software today announced that selected mathematical and statistical algorithms from the IMSL® Numerical Libraries are planned to be embedded by SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) within the analytics engine of the SAP HANA® platform. The algorithms are expected to supplement the predictive analysis library within SAP HANA and to provide a rich set of additional functions to enhance in-memory operations performed for a variety of current and future applications.

The IMSL Numerical Libraries from Rogue Wave provide robust, scalable, portable and high-performing algorithms for advanced mathematical and statistical data science. The functions from the IMSL Numerical Libraries that SAP plans to embed in SAP HANA will serve to augment and extend the advanced analytics that can be performed on data in-place with high performance, cost efficiency and security.

The selected functions from the IMSL Numerical Libraries are anticipated to be in the areas of data mining, modeling, prediction and optimization.

"The demand for proven analytical functions continues to grow, and the ability to embed them within our partners’ products is a key differentiator for us," said Brian Pierce, CEO of Rogue Wave. “We are pleased that SAP is planning to use our powerful IMSL Libraries to enrich the analytics capabilities of SAP HANA."

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