Rogue Wave Software Acquires ILOG Visualization C++ Products from IBM

Boulder, CO5/10/2012

Strengthens Portfolio with High Performance Data Connectivity and Visualization Tools

Rogue Wave Software announced today that it finalized an agreement to acquire IBM’s ILOG Visualization for C++ Products. For Rogue Wave customers, this acquisition adds high-performance data visualization capabilities to the company's existing portfolio of cross-platform, HPC development tools and embedded components. In parallel, existing ILOG customers can be assured that their products will continue to be developed and supported by a company with specific expertise and dedication to high-performance development in C++.

Since its inception in 1989, Rogue Wave, and its product SourcePro C++, has been recognized as the leader in C++ tools. These tools have always been used by their customers to build mission-critical, high-performance applications. Leveraging this position, the company made strategic acquisitions that expanded its capability to support customers building data-intensive applications deployed on parallel architectures. With this acquisition, Rogue Wave extends its customers’ current ability to develop highly-portable, high-performance, data-intensive applications, with the ability to build exceptionally sophisticated data visualizations.

Prior to this acquisition, the flagship products in Rogue Wave’s portfolio included:

  • The original SourcePro C++ product line;
  • TotalView debugger to allow developers to more easily create high-quality parallel code;
  • ThreadSpotter for performance optimization, and
  • IMSL Numerical Libraries for high-speed, mathematical and statistical computations.

“I’m pleased to welcome the ILOG Visualization for C++ products to the Rogue Wave family,” said Brian Pierce, CEO of Rogue Wave Software. “Rogue Wave’s long-standing expertise in C++ will ensure that the developers using these products will have the support they need, as they continue to build and enhance their mission-critical applications.”

The Rogue Wave Visualization for C++ product family offers a powerful cross-platform environment for rapid development of highly visual, massively distributed applications. It includes:

  • A powerful GUI builder with a rich set of common UI controls (such as buttons, sliders, text fields, trees and spread sheets);
  • Data-aware controls with point-and-click connectivity to common data sources;
  • An abstraction layer for C++ access to a wide range of object and relational database management systems;
  • High-performance data visualization components that render charts, graphs and maps at exceptionally high-speed, allowing developers to build highly interactive and intuitive data visualizations;
  • A highly scalable framework for synchronizing the data flow among hundreds of highly graphical, data-intensive, distributed and cooperating user interface clients.

About Rogue Wave Software

Rogue Wave provides software development tools for mission-critical applications. Our trusted solutions address the growing complexity of building great software and accelerate the value gained from code across the enterprise. Rogue Wave’s portfolio of complementary, cross-platform tools helps developers quickly build applications for strategic software initiatives. With Rogue Wave, customers improve software quality and ensure code integrity, while shortening development cycle times.