Academic Programs

Supporting Education Success

Rogue Wave is a strong supporter of educational and research programs that incorporate numerical analysis and visual data analysis. We offer flexible and affordable licensing to educational institutions for our world-class software tools to:

  • Support interactive and hands-on teaching and learning environments
  • Capitalize on research and development
  • Provide a foundation for students to accelerate their careers

Free and Discounted Software for Qualifying Academic Institutions and Students

Flexible licensing options are available to students, teachers and researchers at colleges and universities around the world. TotalView debugging software, IMSL Numerical Library and PV-WAVE licenses are available for classroom, project and research use. Academic licensing is not limited to any environment or platform. Licenses are available from a single user license on a desktop to department or site use for the largest supercomputing labs.

In many cases, engineering and computer science courses have relied on the use of print statements, GDB and a variety of other open source tools to teach students how to analyze, troubleshoot and debug code. Rogue Wave Software is committed to enhancing the quality of programming instruction by making our industry-standard TotalView tool available to full-time students at no cost. Rogue Wave has recently implemented an IMSL Student Express Edition that will be available to all students pursuing a degree. It will have the same features as TotalView Student Express, however, the license will expire in a year rather than upon graduation.

Request a complimentary student license here for TotalView and IMSL.

TotalView Express Student Edition has all the TotalView features, with these conditions:

  • Single instance
  • Node-locked
  • Includes memory debugging
  • No remote debugging
  • Maximum of 4 threads/processes
  • License expires at graduation
  • No X redirection
  • Online support only, via TotalView Forum