Web Development & Deployment

Build robust web applications faster than ever before

When it comes to the extremely competitive web development market, focusing on the user and differentiating yourself from the crowd are the top priorities. Choosing development tools that get you from concept to production in less time while meeting these goals is key - the right choices can mean the difference between meeting the release schedule or missing it, between building a solid code foundation or refactoring applications year after year. Our web development tools are built to ease development and testing efforts across both middleware and the presentation layer, and form the foundation for web deployments around the world.

Today’s applications are more scalable, portable, and need to support rapid innovation more than ever before. Rogue Wave architects ensure that your PHP and Java applications follow established software design best practices through a comprehensive evaluation of application code and workflows. We focus on scalability, supportability, and code quality. Our architecture audits provide an objective, independent review of the application to significantly reduce the risk of missing deadlines, releasing critical flaws and improving overall application maintainability.

Get professional PHP, Zend Framework, Apache, ActiveMQ, MySQL, and other open source technologies training from the basics through advanced topics. Each course, led by our live expert instructors, offers real-life examples and interactivity to provide a robust and hands-on training experience that sharpens your skills and adds new best practices to your development toolkit. Our classes bring you our unique experience based on years or developing, architecting, and contributing to many of the most popular open source projects including PHP 7, Zend Framework, CentOS, Apigility, Expressive, IBM i toolkit and more, to ultimately help you sharpen your existing skills or learn entirely new skills.

Bring powerful visuals and interactivity to your web apps with Visualization. This set of cross-platform C++, Java, and Adobe Flex tools allow you to upgrade your user interfaces to better model, analyze, and communicate complex business information to your users:

  • Charts: Bar, point, line, area, stair high-low stacked, bubble, pie charts
  • Graphs: Network topologies, flowcharts, processes, organization charts, call graphs, schematics, hierarchies
  • Maps: Geographic map background, custom data-aware symbols, vector and raster maps

PHP development involves a mix of tools, from coding to testing to deployment, that often behave differently from each other and sometimes don’t even work with each other. The Zend PHP Development Suite removes the configuration and collaboration confusion by providing all the necessary tools in one place. By offering everything from a fully optimized PHP stack (Zend Server) and purpose-built IDE (Zend Studio) to server-side debugging tools and license distribution management, the suite allows you to create, test, deploy, and distribute your apps without worrying about finding and learning about different tools for different jobs.

Leveraging existing business logic without spending a lot of time developing new web services is where HydraExpress can help. The HydraExpress framework allows you to expose C++ business logic for use in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) application with minimal effort. Based on your specification, it automatically creates a service that handles all the protocols, standards, and networking specific to your infrastructure.

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