Migration and Modernization

Move applications towards better performance, security, and usability

Application requirements and environments are constantly evolving, creating challenges in architecture, scale, security, and code maintenance. Thorough analysis, strategic planning, and platform knowledge are key to moving legacy code to new environments and processes. Development teams tend to focus on the now, utilizing their expertise on new product features, and often lack the time or experience required to modernize applications.

Our code migration and modernization services move you to the most secure, supported, and best-performing open source runtimes, frameworks, and platforms to maximize performance and security. Our consultants focus on identifying key application requirements and needed code changes during a migration effort. They work closely with your developers, guiding them through implementation of the code modifications and environment upgrades. These services cover:

  • RHEL or other Linux to CentOS migration
  • PHP modernization
  • IBM i modernization
  • Java modernization
  • ActiveMQ migration
  • Zend Framework modernization
  • API enablement
  • Open source software modernization and upgrades

Developers spend a lot of time, perhaps most of their time, making sure code works correctly and meets requirements - but what about ensuring that their code is more maintainable and extensible?

Klocwork refactoring uses the deep semantic code knowledge provided by static code analysis to drive intelligent refactoring of C/C++ code within common IDEs, improving the design and structure of the application. Through sophisticated clone detection and inspection of all function invocations, Klocwork is able to automatically:

  • Abstract code into reusable segments
  • Remove duplication
  • Make variable names more meaningful
  • Generate a usability model to quickly measure the state of your code and improve its design within the IDE itself

Klocwork refactoring is all in service of making code easier to maintain and extend.

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