Embedded Analytics

Deliver applications with built-in predictive analytics

Algorithms lie at the heart of big data analytics, statistical and math functions, and fundamentally, the ability to derive meaningful, actionable information from data. Risk assessment, financial markets trading analysis, portfolio optimization, inventory management, defect analysis, capacity planning, and performance management rely on the application’s analytics engine.

It’s not easy. Nor simple. Developing applications using sophisticated data exploration, mining, modeling, forecasting, and optimization requires deep domain expertise, extensive testing, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Do the underlying algorithms persist throughout prototyping, testing, and production? Can they integrate into existing proprietary code? Do they assure consistent, reliable results across different environments? These are key criteria when building in-application analytics.

Simply put, algorithms have to be embeddable, reliable, scalable, and perform in mission-critical environments. The good thing is that you no longer have to worry about the tradeoff between accelerating development cycles and improving in-application analytics performance. You can have both.

Backed by a team of mathematicians and statisticians over years of development expertise, IMSL Numerical Libraries are trusted in the most demanding environments, are supported by a comprehensive how-to knowledge base, and deliver faster time-to-market with assurance.

The SourcePro Analysis module provides a broad range of C++ components that implement essential mathematical algorithms, numerical linear algebra, sophisticated data analysis, currency conversion and manipulation, and high-precision decimal classes for representing and manipulating fractions exactly.


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