Code Building Blocks

Create stunning apps without worrying about the fundamentals

You want to focus on value and features, not reinventing the wheel, by choosing the right tools to make development easier. Tools that allow you to create code that’s robust, effective, and easy to maintain. Using the right tools can mean the difference between meeting the release schedule or missing it, between building a solid code foundation or re-writing key codelines year after year.

Our C/C++, Java, Python, and PHP libraries are built for one purpose: to create software that stands the test of time in mission-critical applications. We speed up code development and allow developers to work across platforms, languages, and compilers time and time again. Embed great code. Reuse key components. Reliably deliver functionality to your customers faster.

Write code once and deploy on any platform with SourcePro. This infrastructure layer for C++ insulates developers from the complexities of underlying platforms and provides low-level access to common functions. This way, you can benefit from the latest platform technologies without rewriting your code.

When it comes to web and mobile applications, separating the presentation layer from the data allows you to support multiple platforms and insulate the user from future underlying changes. Apigility helps build APIs around business logic, helping you create well-structured RESTful or RPC services for authentication, content negotiation, validation, and error reporting. Designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of useful, easy to consume APIs, Apigility makes controlled consumer access to your data a reality.

IMSL Numerical Libraries are built by mathematicians and statisticians for developers that need math and statistics. From prototype to deployment, IMSL is a proven, reliable set of sophisticated algorithms that provide unerring analytics. Go ahead, find the hardest problem, we can help solve it.

Don’t worry about basic elements – build your Windows GUIs faster with Stingray. With embeddable combo boxes, tool bars, frames, menus, tree controls, and more, you can focus on end-user requirements and business logic instead of the cumbersome details of creating user interfaces.

Bring powerful visuals and interactivity to your application with Visualization. This set of cross-platform C++, Java, and Adobe Flex tools allow you to upgrade your user interfaces to better model, analyze, and communicate complex business information to your users:

  • Charts: Bar, point, line, area, stair high-low stacked, bubble, pie charts
  • Graphs: Network topologies, flowcharts, processes, organization charts, call graphs, schematics, hierarchies
  • Maps: Geographic map background, custom data-aware symbols, vector and raster maps

The power of open source web development has never been greater than with the extensible, component-based Zend Framework for PHP. This framework provides reusable components to access popular web services along with a high-performance MVC implementation, an easy-to-use database abstraction, and many HTML5 form-based operations to drastically reduce development times and improve reliability.

Built upon a thoroughly-tested foundation, this framework is designed to be loosely coupled, allowing developers to use and extend exactly the components they want. That’s because Zend Framework is much more than code, it’s also a collaboration between industry partners, such as Google, Microsoft, and StrikeIron, and community contributors numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Community built and designed for reuse, Zend Framework accelerates your PHP web application development.


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