See, understand, and act with run-time performance insights

Deep insight into application behavior, performance, and quality is critical when a problem needs to be solved right away, or performance needs to be optimized in development or after deployment. Website downtime, or poor performance, has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your site.

Eliminate revenue loss, decline in user satisfaction, and lost productivity by improving the performance of your internal and customer-facing applications. Our consultants work with your developers to evaluate specific critical transactions and overall behavior of your Java and PHP applications. The performance audit features a comprehensive report that includes the analysis results and remediation recommendations to improve your application performance and eliminate scalability bottlenecks.

Z-Ray is a revolutionary new addition to a PHP developer's toolkit. It displays all the under-the-hood details of a page request, across all the PHP scripts involved in building the page. Z-Ray injects into responses coming from your PHP app and displays right in the browser you're using for development: you get vastly greater insight without changing your development workflow. With Z-Ray live, you can easily debug mobile and web services requests originating from a browser, mobile device, or machine-to-machine communications.

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