Launch APIs that are well-structured, robust, and maintainable

With the growing API economy comes the challenge of creating robust enterprise services that provide flexible, secure, and maintainable access to both new systems and legacy business logic. API management is no easy task, with challenges in architecture and design to analytics and governance, so having the right tools in place ensures API use is scalable, measurable, and adaptable to put the best face forward for your organization.

The Akana platform takes your API from strategy and design to deployment and optimization through a suite of capabilities built for every role along the way, including enterprise architect, security architect, integration developer, and operations lead. By fitting into your existing architecture, or allowing you to create something brand new, Akana supports every facet of your team with the tools necessary to continuously design, deploy, measure, and adapt APIs to fit changing platforms, business models, and devices.

When it comes to web and mobile applications, separating the presentation layer from the data allows you to support multiple platforms and insulate the user from future underlying changes. Apigility helps build APIs around business logic, helping you create well-structured RESTful or RPC services for authentication, content negotiation, validation, and error reporting. Designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of useful, easy to consume APIs, Apigility makes controlled consumer access to your data a reality.

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