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Klocwork 2017.1 introduces a new built-in graphical security report, more MISRA coverage, and security vulnerability checkers. SourcePro 2016.2 includes platform updates, improvements, & ARM evaluation. Akana 8.4 assures complete visibility and management of the API process.

2017 Open Source Support Report

Open source software is leveraged for flexibility and innovation, but can seem impossible to support. Learn the statistics, realities, and results of open source in the field so you can innovate faster without the risk. Read the report.

PHP 7.1 Certification

The new Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) 2017 PHP test course is now available, bringing the testing current to PHP 7.1. ZCE is globally recognized as the industry standard for benchmarking and validating PHP expertise. Learn more.

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Saving time and space with Split DWARF Everyone’s heard that the universe is expanding. Why? Perhaps it’s to make room for larger and larger application programs, and the disk space needed to store their debugging information.
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Understanding an Open Source Audit Report Quickly understand and manage your open source compliance and vulnerabilities.
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How secure is your software supply chain? Organizations are concerned about attacks, but not all organizations know the best way to address the issue.
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