Rogue Wave Professional Services

Technical Expertise for Building High Performing Applications

Rogue Wave’s Consulting Services team combines technical expertise, decades of hands-on experience and a portfolio of leading-edge tools to satisfy the most complex challenges in high performance application development and data analysis.

As a time-tested vendor of cross-platform, multi-language development tools, our technical team has developed the experience across a wide range of customer scenarios.  Our ability to understand client business problems and provide optimal solutions is unsurpassed.

This expertise results from decades of working:

  • across a broad range of industries – financial services, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, retail, health care, defense, advanced research and others
  • with a wide variety of platforms – all flavors of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Mac; from desktop machines to supercomputers; with various database vendors; and networking protocols,
  • using a wide variety of programming languages including C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python

... where organizations have turned to Rogue Wave for timely, trusted and reliable help in solving their business and engineering problems.

Service Offerings

As the largest independent provider of cross-platform software tools, components and libraries for the development of high performance applications, Rogue Wave’s technical expertise spans four key domains:
  • The Development of High Performance Applications
  • The design, development and verification of high performance applications, particularly using parallel development techniques.

  • Performing sophisticated data analysis with advanced mathematical techniques
  • The use of advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to perform leading edge data analytics.

  • Migration Services
  • Modernizing and updating existing applications, whether they are built using Rogue Wave products, or not.

  • Assistance with Rogue Wave Products
  • The ability to leverage the Rogue Wave product portfolio to its best advantage.

Our Professional Services team brings this breadth of experience to our clients on a consulting basis.