What’s new in Visualization for C++

Visualization for C++, including Views and Server, offers the broadest set of high-performance interactive advanced graphic components for building a wide variety of business, scientific, and data exploration graphical user interfaces. In addition to real-time performance, custom interaction, and ability to scale large data sets, visual tools allow developers to quickly and easily configure and customize user interfaces.

Views 6.1

Expands on previous releases to update the appearance of your applications with the following updates:

X window font updates

Text anti-aliasing and scalable fonts with Xft on X window.

Touch screen support

Multi-touch support for pan, zoom, and rotate actions in containers and managers.

Customizable look and feel

Updated with expanded CSS properties and expressions to specify menu item background color.

Server 6.1

Now include the following updates:

Additional improvements

Download the newest version, or email us to discuss your options for upgrading to Views 6.1.